Scissor Car Lifts For Sale

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Scissor Car Lifts For Sale


If you are looking for scissor car lifts for sale, there are a number of different options. This article will help you select the perfect one for your needs. There are many advantages of using a scissor lift for your car try this product, so read on to learn more about this type of lift. It will help you in many different ways, from increasing your garage’s productivity to making your work safer and more efficient.

XR-12000 scissor car lift

An XR-12000 scissor automobile lift from BendPak offers 12,000 pounds of vertical lifting capacity and allows for unobstructed access from all sides. With a quad-opposing scissor design, it fits easily into tight and crowded spaces. Unlike post-free service lifts, this one has a manifold valve assembly that can be removed for maintenance and adjustment.

When looking for an XR-12000 scissor automotive lift for sale, remember that you must also consider the height of your garage. A car lift with a higher maximum lifting capacity may be a waste of space and occupy too much space. Also, be sure to consider the height of your garage ceiling to ensure that it can safely operate. If the height is too low, it may not be safe to use the scissor lift.

For heavy-duty applications, the XR-12000 provides exceptional versatility. Its quad-opposing full-rise scissor design allows for access from all four sides. And unlike most scissor car lifts, the XR-12000 doesn’t use complicated electronic components that may break down over time in high-use environments. In addition, its compact footprint makes it easy to store.

In addition to being portable, an XR-12000 scissor vehicle lift also has many advantages over post-style models. Its compact design allows it to fit in a garage better, and it has no posts to clutter the workspace. It’s also easier to use, less expensive, and can easily be used by multiple mechanics. If you want a more powerful lift, you can also buy a BendPak Quatra alignment lift.


The BendPak Quatra alignment lift is the next evolution of industrial strength lifting technology. With 12,000 pounds of true vertical lifting power, this scissor car lift is compact in size and offers an unprecedented freedom of movement beneath the lift for the technician. With a compact footprint, the Quatra alignment lift also eliminates the need for bulky arm structures. The resulting space saving design allows for a technician’s full range of movement beneath the lift.

Scissor car lifts are popular in professional service bays and body shops. They allow workers to stand upright while working underneath the car, and offer a smaller footprint and no side-posts. Because these scissor lifts are portable, they are easy to use and are relatively inexpensive. They’re also easy to use and have many advantages over conventional car lifts.

The Quatra series scissor car lifts for sale are equipped with a host of features to improve productivity and profitability. These lifts feature an intelligent hydraulic regulating manifold with four two-position ball valves that balance hydraulic pressure between the master and slave cylinders. The manifold valve assembly is located on the power console and is easily removed for routine maintenance.

The Quatra series alignment car lifts are one of the best choices for small shops and garages. The Quatar series scissor lifts have a 12000-pound capacity, allow for unobstructed access in all directions, and are designed with a post-free design. The patented design and six-cylinder hydraulic circuit provide smooth, level, equalized lifting. With a compact footprint and zero radial shift, Quatra scissor car lifts are ideal for tight spaces.

The blue-hued XR-12000 scissor lifts are an industry standard. The brand name is synonymous with quality and reliability. Customers know the XR-12000 scissor car lifts for sale by name and ask about them by name. The distinctive blue color also means quality, performance, reliability, and value. These lifts are built to last for many years to come, so they’re the best choice for any professional car shop.