Senaptec Strobe Training Eyewear

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Senaptec Strobe Training Eyewear


Strobe glasses by Senaptec are designed to improve visual cognition, the process of analyzing the scene in front of you to decide what action you should take next. Visual cognition is essential to speed and accuracy in many sports, and increased brain efficiency improves anticipation and response time. The manufacturer of these glasses focuses on enhancing athletes' performance in high-pressure environments. Here are some of the advantages of using these glasses:


The Senaptec strobe training eyewear is an innovative new type of sports vision aid that enables athletes to increase their reaction time and speed up their game. Compare our features here. The wearer's vision is partially or completely blacked out for specific intervals, depending on the intensity of the training session. The glasses are marketed toward athletes, and were first introduced to the Marquette volleyball team during the spring of 2017.

The Senaptec strobe training eyewear comes with liquid crystal lenses that flash according to a predetermined level. The lenses themselves are segmented into four quadrants, allowing athletes to customize their occlusion patterns and sensory performance to achieve the desired results. The Senaptec quad strobe's lenses can be programmed to produce two distinct flashing patterns, ranging from alternating flicker to the most opaque flashing lens.


The Senaptec strobe training eyewear has several benefits to athletes of all levels. Using these glasses can boost athletes' reaction time, quickness, and balance. They also improve the connection between the eyes and the brain, improving decision-making and reaction times. The eyewear comes with multiple basic customization levels. The manufacturer recommends starting with the easiest level and then gradually increasing it. Most athletes notice improvement after only fifteen minutes.

Senaptec strobe training eyewear uses the stroboscopic effect to train the connections between the eyes. Liquid crystal technology allows the glasses to flash depending on the preset setting. The primary benefit of wearing these glasses is to train the brain to associate information faster by gradually limiting the amount of information that it is exposed to. As a result, athletes experience dramatic improvement in reaction time and speed.

Customization levels

The Senaptec Strobe training eyewear allows for variable flickering between clear and opaque lenses, forcing the wearer's brain to process visual information in a more efficient manner. Its dual-button operation and OLED display allow the user to select the desired mode, adjust the speed, and monitor battery status. Several customization levels are available, including a quick test mode for determining eyewear settings, and advanced training modes for improving reaction times and decision-making. It is also possible to control the device with the Senaptec Strobe App and a mobile device.

The Senaptec Strobe training eyewear customization levels enable athletes to select the level of difficulty and restrict the amount of visual information they receive. Currently, the eyewear comes in three basic customization levels: easy, medium, and difficult. Beginners can start at the lowest level and work their way up to the most advanced level after they've mastered the basic settings. If necessary, athletes can increase the level of difficulty and use it for extended periods of time.


Strobe glasses provide athletes with a unique advantage in sports: improved visual cognition. Visual cognition refers to a person's ability to process the scene in front of them and decide what action to take next. In fast-paced sports, visual cognition skills are essential to success. Using Strobe glasses improves visual cognition and increases response time and anticipation. These eyeglasses are available in several styles and can be purchased from Senaptec.

While strobe light training has been around for a long time, Senaptec's Strobe glasses are designed to help athletes process information more quickly and improve their decision-making. This eyewear is designed to improve athletes' sensory skills, and many athletes experience improvements after just 15 minutes. Strobe glasses also include a monitor mounted on a stand with wheels. When combined with other vision therapy protocols, athletes can improve their performance in a variety of sports.